Statement of Intent

Every Election, Every Bill


Gainesville is an interesting town.

Beyond just being the home of UF, the mix of rural, suburban and urban elements provides a blend of cultures and political styles that too few truly appreciate. Thanks to the university it invites persons from across the world to enter its domain and occasionally entices them to stay permanently. It’s a city with diverse backgrounds and opinions, and these come to a head in who it chooses to represent its interests at the local and state level.

The Government Gator is meant to be the premier source of relevant political updates in the city of Gainesville. Every election, every bill of consequence, every act of intrigue in city politics will be captured here on this blog. I’m looking forward to covering what I feel are topics worthy of note and discussion that might otherwise be overlooked. I hope the readers will share that enthusiasm.

The writer of the Government Gator has been immersed in politics for many years as an interested teenager, and only recently has gone from an onlooking amateur to an involved professional.  First as an activist, then organizer, then political operative before finally becoming a journalist. Many of the stories at the Government Gator reflect ongoing stories being covered by myself and others at the NPR affiliate WUFT, which is broadcasted at 89.1 .

If you like my work here at the Government Gator, please feel free to leave comments on the stories or contact me directly. Radio stories produced by me for WUFT go on air Tuesday mornings, I hope to produce stories with the same rigor and professionalism as part of The Government Gator as I do for NPR.

I would like to thank you, the reader, for enjoying the site. For updates on stories featured in both the Government Gator and WUFT-FM, follow me on twitter @RayTroncoso.

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